About Us

KWIKR was founded to empower local businesses to compete on a level playing field with larger businesses and e-commerce giants.  The continuing growth of e-commerce has diminished the demand for local sources for consumer and business-to-business needs.  Consumers and businesses are simply buying more on line for the convenience.  However, the demand for brick and mortar local businesses still exists and their very presence is potentially a big advantage for providing more convenience than the big players are providing.  KWIKR provides the technology to leverage the advantages of location and personal relationships while protecting the brands local businesses have worked so hard to create.     


Our aim is to help local merchants and wholesalers meet soaring customer expectations for ease and convenience of e-commerce.  KWIKR provides the technology, tools and expertise to give every business same-day delivery capability.  Additionally, we provide the tools to enable new customer discovery, market intelligence and targeted e-coupons. 


same day delivery partners


KWIKR is built to give flexibility and personalization to all of our partners.  We recognize that your business is unique.  We want to empower you to add capabiity and utilize that capability on your terms.